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The unconventional is what inspires me. 

A red toilet in the middle of the street, a jacket worn inside out, a dog wearing booties, and other situations like these fuel my creativity. Everything is already invented but things can be reinterpreted, transformed, and redeveloped. 


I deconstruct in order to understand how things are made. My favorite tool is my scissors. I use them to collage knit and woven fabrics and combine pieces that are not meant to go together. 


I find beauty in the misplacement of details and in the art of repetition. I treasure the local, the handmade, and the authentic. I upcycle and repurpose. Street wear, thrift shopping, and visiting art galleries are my favorite ways of brainstorming for new ideas.


I care about the world and the environment. I pay attention to how things are manufactured and treated. I see sustainability as a vital element of my life and this is communicated through my work. I want my clothing to be worn on the street on a daily basis. I want my customer to feel comfortable, confident, and cool.


I design to make things better and make people feel better. I design to solve problems, create content, and express social and personal matters. 

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